California fire
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The Woolsey and Camp Fire which hit California has so far killed more than 60 people, and latest reports reveal that at least a thousand people are missing. As chaos spreads in the area, a section of conspiracy theorists have started putting forward various bizarre theories that could have resulted in the dreaded fire.

As per conspiracy theorists, one of the prime causes of the fire could be the involvement of aliens. These alien buffs believe that aliens are using advanced laser weapons to trigger a fire. Conspiracy theorists argue that these lasers are actually directed energy weapons that could cause the fire by triggering a single beam of lasers on the ground.

Pictures of laser beams hitting the earth have already gone viral on the internet, and many people believe that these lasers were beamed by some sinister forces in the sky. Alien enthusiasts consider these events as crucial signs before an alien invasion. They claim that extraterrestrials used to conduct rehearsals of small attacks before they gear up with a devastating big invasion.

A section of other conspiracy theorists claims that the California fires could be the handiwork of Illuminati with the knowledge of the United States government. These people believe that these fires are actually intended for a billion dollar land grab deal. They argue that the fires are actually triggered to flush out residents from the area to fulfil the needs of the elites who run the alleged secretive society named Illuminati.

In the meantime, doomsday mongers have started claiming that these events are the results of an impending apocalypse. As per these apocalyptic believers, these dreaded events are fulfilling biblical prophecies that could finally result in the second coming of the Messiah.

As rumours regarding the causes of California fire are going viral on the internet, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has revealed that an investigation is currently in progress to figure out the exact cause of the event. However, experts believe that the Camp Fire could have started by downed power lines at the PG&E power plant.