Well, firstly, April Fool. Read on at your own risk. A new study conducted by a team of Indian scientists has found that aliens were behind Chandrayaan-2's crash landing on the lunar surface. The study report has literally shocked the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and a spokesperson made it clear that more studies should be carried out to finalize these findings. 

Aliens on the moon turned hostile?

According to researchers who took part in the study, Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission was successfully progressing as per plans until September 6, 2019. On September 6, Chandrayaan attempted to soft-land on the lunar surface, but the attempt failed miserably, and it crashed on the surface of the moon. Following the hard landing, ISRO revealed that it could be the result of a technical glitch. 

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But now, the new study suggests that ISRO was totally wrong. According to the new study, aliens living on the dark side of the moon might have already noticed Chandrayaan-2's arrival, and they have shot the probe down using advanced laser weapons. 

"Our analysis suggests that Chandrayaan-2's failure was not due to a software glitch. Instead, we strongly believe that aliens are behind this hard-landing. We have conclusive evidence to prove this theory, and we will be submitting our findings soon to the honorable president of India," said Arthur Narayanan, the lead author of the study. 

Artemis mission under trouble

The new study report comes at a time when the United States is gearing up with the Artemis mission to land humans on the moon. However, Indian researchers who carried out this study have apparently sent a message to NASA detailing their findings. Arthur Narayanan revealed that the United States is going to face devastation if their upcoming probe encounters aliens on the lunar surface. 

According to Arthur Narayanan, United States' Artemis mission is going to turn suicidal, as aliens living on the moon are highly advanced, and they possess advanced weapons that include laser guns, nuclear bombs, and several sophisticated killer machines. 

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