Several space agencies like NASA are long been trying to detect traces of life outside the earth. Even though several radio signals were beamed by humans to proclaim our presence in the universe, scientists have not succeeded in detecting irrefutable proof that substantiates the presence of aliens.

Aliens do exist in the universe

As humans are trying to contact aliens, several space scientists strongly believe that extraterrestrial beings, if advanced, might be also trying to contact us. And now, in a recent article written on The Conversation, Jacco van Loon, Astrophysicist and Director of Keele Observatory, Keele University has suggested the reasons which compel aliens to contact humans.

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According to van Loon, the existence of aliens cannot be ruled out, as the presence of humans on the earth is a strong indication that there could be more advanced life forms in this giant cosmos.

"The question presumes that aliens do exist. And again, because we haven't found any yet, we don't know if they do. It is possible they may exist, for one simple reason: we exist. Whatever made the likes of bacteria evolve into complex bodies with intelligent brains on Earth may have also occurred on another planet," wrote van Loon in the article.

Are aliens trying to contact us?

The physicist suggests that aliens, if real, could be trying to contact aliens just because of curiosity. Jacco van Loon reveals that it is the same curiosity in the minds of humans that has resulted in the search for extraterrestrials

"If there are aliens out there, they might want to contact us for the same reasons we want to contact them. One reason why scientists on Earth are looking for aliens is that we are curious. But there are other reasons why we want to contact others. We have sometimes needed help from others, or companionship. Perhaps aliens, too, would look to us for help or friendship," added the physicist. 

Jacco van Loon also suggested that aliens might be interested in earth as the blue planet has perfect conditions to host life. According to van Loon, aliens might visit earth if their planet becomes uninhabitable.