crashed UFO
Mysterious object spotted was recently spotted on Google EarthYouTube/Secureteam10

A mysterious object was recently spotted on Google Earth, and alien hunters are convinced that it is a crash-landed UFO.

The unidentified object was discovered in Antarctica. It was spotted on the remote South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean — a British territory with a population of just 20.

Footage of the object was posted on YouTube by the "research outlet" Secureteam10, which claims it is "exposing the alien cover-up, one leak at a time."

They zoomed in using satellite mapping to get a closer look at the object that was spotted near the 10,000ft tall Mount Paget.

It appears that the object slid through the snow for a considerable distance before coming to a halt, as bizarre tracks are also spotted running up behind the mysterious object.

The footage, captioned "What Crash Landed Over The Antarctic?" was published on Saturday and has been viewed more than 370,000 times since then.

A user named TJDevon 009 commented: "Checked Google Maps myself, its there and very strange. Have noticed on the objects left side the snow seems to have been digitally altered ' smoothed out' and the tracks or wake of this thing on the left has also been removed in the same area, someone is covering up something!"

While some believe it is the work of aliens, many commented on the video that it might be just some rocks pushed along from a nearby glacier.

Some didn't take it seriously, and made fun of it saying: "Its Santa's sleigh." Another said: "Umm thats when Superman crashed into that mountain in the 1st Snyder Superman movie."

According to The Sun report, a viewer claimed that he had been on the island with the Royal Navy, and debunked the extraterrestrial theory.

"The research station on the island asked us to fly a photographic recce over the entire island to document population and locations of reindeer," Rain606 commented, adding: "As the photographer on that recce, I can confirm 100 percent that what you see in the image is just the result of a glacial slide. Sorry."