A bizarre video uploaded to TikTok by a woman named Sheera Lumira Rejoice is now the hottest debating topic among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the video, Sheera claimed that she was abducted by aliens in 2018. She also added that advanced extraterrestrial beings removed eggs from her ovary to create hybrid babies. 

Sheera Lumira Rejoice's mindblowing alien abduction story

Sheera Lumira Rejoice, in the video, claimed that she has ovarian scarring to prove alien abduction is real. 

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"When people don't believe you were taken by extra-terrestrial beings, but you have ovarian scarring from egg removal in the ultrasound to prove it," said Sheera in the video. 

The woman also added that aliens did not ask for her consent while removing eggs from her body. She revealed that the advanced alien beings took three eggs from her. 

Sheera revealed that aliens did not abduct her in a UFO, instead aliens came to her home to visit her. 

"I was laying on my couch in my condo, falling asleep, and suddenly feeling this paralysis. I was freezing and my body couldn't move. I looked over at the door and it opened, there's a figure, a holographic-looking human figure. It's essentially grey but with a black lining over it. When they took me, my body came over to where I'm sitting now, I was literally levitating and my legs were open," added Sheera, Daily Star reports.

Initially, Sheera was not aware that her eggs were removed. She came to know about it when she was working on a shaman for healing guidance. 

A MUFON researcher says alien abductions are real

A few weeks back, MUFON researcher Chris Jones had claimed that alien abduction stories shared by people from different parts of the world could be real. Jones also suggested that an advanced alien species could be living here on earth.

"I think after seeing the stories and the testimony over years there's a very big commonality between the cases. It definitely warrants the interest and investigation we give it, just as much as a UFO sighting because there definitely is something to this phenomenon," said Jones.