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Alia Bhatt has always been a hot name every time the debate around nepotism arises. Despite having proven her worth multiple times, she was attacked by Kangana Ranaut recently when the latter called her Karan Johar's "puppet". Alia has now made some clear statements on the issue of nepotism.

Speaking at Outlook Business Women of Worth Awards 2019, Alia was asked about the concept of nepotism, and how it gives star kids' an easy access to the industry. The Raazi actress acknowledged the existence of nepotism not just in Bollywood but in every field. She also said that although it gives an advantage to the star kids, it is their hard work that eventually matters.

"Nepotism exists in every field. If you know somebody from a certain field, you will always help them. Having said that, I am so in love with acting and being an actor, I would be devastated if I never got the opportunity. I am in no place to sit and say that they don't what they are talking about. How can you say that? Of course, it feels terrible if some else is getting an opportunity because of their family. So there is no way to counter that thought. It does exist but having said that, once you come in the foray, so to speak, the audience chooses you. So if you are working, it is not as if you are getting lucky every time. There does go some hard work into that," Alia said at the event.

Alia further implied that being born in a particular family is not a fault, but everyone must work hard to prove their worth.

"As I said, there are no negative thoughts. I can't wake up and say sorry for being born in this family. But I can definitely say that I will work as hard as possible to prove that I deserve to be here," she added. Well, will Kangana agree to Alia's words?

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Meanwhile, Alia is all set to appear in two big movies – Brahmastra and Kalank. Both the movies are highly awaited, and are likely to do wonders at the box office.