In a new propagandist video, the Al Shabaab terror group has attempted to entice new recruits by promoting the 'tourism' of Kenya where they claim animals are 'free to hunt', and the militants then go on to prove their point by hacking a giraffe to pieces. 

Apparently filmed in the jungles of Kenya's Boni National Reserve, the new video was posted by the media wing of Somalia's al-Qaeda wing in a clear attempt to call Kenyans and foreigners to join the jihadist movement that Al Shabaab wants to spread in Kenya. 

The video shows the militants hunting a giraffe and an African buffalo and hacking the animals to pieces. 

"Here you do not need a permit to hunt these animals. In the land of Islam, these animals are free. Praise be to God, there is no shortage of meat here," a militant says in the video. 

"My dear brothers, do not be deceived into believing that when people fight jihad, they are accompanied by hunger. Just look at this meat here! So what are you waiting for?," the Al Shabaab jihadist says. 

In a message aimed at Muslims in Kenya, the terror group says it is inside Kenya to 'take revenge' from the armed forces that have cracked down on the militants. 

"We also send our condolences to the widows of the Martyred Sheikhs and other Muslim brothers who were killed by the Kenyan government. Let them know that we are now inside Kenya and that we will take revenge on their behalf," Al Shabaab says in the video. 

Al Shabaab has launched deadly attacks in Kenya in recent years, the latest being the Garissa University massacre this year, in which they gunned down nearly 150 students.