The OTT versus theatre debate continues. The move to release movies via the digital route has found high criticism, although inevitable. With the lockdown moving forward and the pandemic not appearing on a downward trend in the country seals the producers' decision in stone. 

Much has been said about Laxmmi Bomb's digital release, and many fans were hoping for a theatrical release. A film as big as Laxmmi Bomb starring Akshay Kumar would have worked well on the big screen, but it seems unlikely now that Hotstar has purchased the film.

Laxmmi Bomb

Laxmmi Bomb to be released on Hotstar

Just a few days back Twitter was in uproar demanding that Akshay Kumar's film be released in theatres instead of OTT platforms, after news arrived that that movie might see an OTT release. Many Bollywood films were announcing a digital release creating a huge rift between producers and cinema-owners.

Now, the news has just arrived that Akshay Kumar's Laxmmi Bomb will be getting a digital release on Hotstar. After Prime, Hotstar has now jumped on the wagon to get its share of the pie and has acquired Laxmmi Bomb from the makers. 

A source close to the film revealed to Pinkvilla that the film will be released online and also clarified as to why the announcement wasn't yet being made, "The team needs a month to prepare the project. A bit of post-production work remains and they are waiting for the lockdown to get over. The producers have taken a joint decision on calling the most minimum number of people to get their film ready. So the film won't hit the OTT platforms at least till a month after the lockdown is lifted. So the release date isn't decided yet." 

Radhe and Laxmmi Bomb
Radhe and Laxmmi BombTwitter

The source revealed that while big-budget Bollywood films usually find takers for digital rights at a price ranging between 60 and 70 crores, "But since this film won't have a theatrical release and will be straightaway sold to digital, they have fetched a huge price. Laxmmi Bomb has been sold for a staggering Rs 125 crore." The source added that it must be understood that the film showed the potential of earning over 200 crores at the box office despite a clash with Salman Khan's Radhe, which considerably brings down revenue. However, if theatres don't open, the film will sit on the shelf and this is if the full capacity of theatres is met when they do open after the lockdown