With the lockdown and the current pandemic, it's hard to predict how things will go, especially film releases. With so much being reworked, plans and schedules being changed, the whole landscape of filming has changed. Therefore, the anxiety around highly-anticipated films is also running high.

Now, many films have opted for an OTT release which has created a rift in the industry between producers and exhibitors. There are still many who are afraid that the experience of viewing will be lost with an OTT release so fans of superstar Akshay Kumar began a trend on Twitter WANT LAXMMI BOMB IN THEATRES hoping the movie doesn't go the digital route. 

Laxmmi Bomb


Laxmmi Bomb a horror-comedy starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani was supposed to release on May 22nd initially. However, the Coronavirus pandemic and consequent lockdown have ensured all the plans of filmmakers need to be geared towards a new topography.

Some Bollywood movies announced a digital release keeping in mind the uncertainty and the unfortunate closing of theatres which has delayed releases and has also made profits and pull to theatres uncertain. The economics of filmmaking is making it such that producers are being forced to look for alternatives that will sustain them through the crisis. 

Still, there are factors to be considered. Such as audience perception towards theatres, the guidelines which will restrict occupancy and whether the audience will come in the same numbers. Moreover, how long will completed films have to shit on shelves till it's all sorted. 

Fans, however, have their own mind. Those who are not convinced by the digital release are hoping to catch Akshay Kumar's Laxmmi Bomb on the big screen. Moreover, they are looking at it from the point of view of the viewing experience of the film.

There's still a lot of debate, considering that there was some talk initially about Laxmmi Bomb getting a digital release on Hotstar. However, nothing is confirmed yet and maybe it's important to note, no matter how the film releases if it's a good film it will work regardless. Perhaps, that's too optimistic.