FAU-G is the new PUBG - at least for Indians who feel the void left in the gaming space with the ban on the popular battle-royale title PUBG Mobile. It didn't take long for the news to travel as Bolloywood's favourite Akshay Kumar made the announcement on Twitter and ignited a sense of patriotism while doing so.

The fact that 20 percent of the revenue generated from the game FAU-G will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer Trust. The developers also clarified that the timing of FAU-G's launch is coincidental and the game was in the pipeline even before the ban on PUBG Mobile was announced.

FAU-G poster

But that's not what has struck netizens' curiosity. It is the poster that has got people talking more about the game. Many have pointed out that the FAU-G poster is plagiarised.

FAU-G poster plagiarised?

Twitter user @maximustaurean pointed out the similarity between the FAU-G poster and an image from Shutterstock. The image is credited to an artist named PHET THAI. The only visible difference between the alleged original image and the FAU-G poster is the Indian flags on the character's uniform.

Many criticised the fact that the developers couldn't go with an original creation. Here's how people reacted:


Well, it is possible when the game is officially launched there would be a different (original) poster.