A teaser of from the latest episode of popular programme Wild with Bear Grylls with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is released on Monday, 31 August. It was shot in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Mysuru, Karnataka.

Akshay Kumar with Bear Grylls
Akshay Kumar with Bear GryllsTwitter

The teaser showcases the mad adventure of Akshay Kumar with host Bear Grylls. Akki looks very energetic and apparently seen having a great time shooting the programme.

"I am a reel hero and he is a real hero," the Bollywood actor is heard saying in the clip. Akki sips on 'elephant poop tea.'

Shot in Karnataka
"There was a rope cross over Moolehole River and Akshay Kumar checked out parts of Tiger Road in the core area of Bandipur and Rampura elephant camp. They also shot near an old railway track and a bridge. Akshay got into the river with Grylls during the shoot," The Times of India quotes a forest official as saying.

The episode will be premiered on 11 September on Discovery+, and 14 September on Discovery channel. Wild with Bear Grylls is about the host taking celebrities on 48-hour journey into the wild and experience inhospitable conditions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first Indian to join Bear Grylls at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Later, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth took part in the adventure-survival series at Bandipur Tiger Reserve.