There is no denial that Krushna Abhishek is a splendid performer and has been loved and appreciated from fans across the world for his role of Sapna in The Kapil Sharma Show 2. Before Kapil's show, Krushna had entertained viewers through shows like Comedy Nights Live, Comedy Nights Bachao, Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza and The Drama Company.

Akshay Kumar and Krushna Abhishek
Akshay Kumar and Krushna Abhishek on The Kapil Sharma Show 2Instagram

However, it was Comedy Nights Bachao that was embroiled in many controversies owing to its roast format. A number of celebrities, who had appeared on the show to promote their films, were left offended by its format, many of whom had also walked away from the stage.

Lisa Hayden controversy

In one such controversy, Akshay Kumar, who was on the show to promote Housefull 3, lost his cool when comedian Siddharth Jadhav cracked a derogatory joke directed towards the lead actresses of Housefull 3. Siddharth apparently called Lisa Hayden a 'black African' and also compared her with a kangaroo since she's from Australia.

The racist remark made Akshay lose his cool. He was upset with the team of CNB for making fun of Lisa more because she was not well versed with the Hindi language. The superstar tried to stop the comedian by pushing him aside. "But the push turned into a shove and the comedian went flying and landed a little further on the stage," reported Mid-Day.

"Akshay was upset that the comedians were aware that Lisa wasn't too well versed in Hindi and wouldn't even understand the few lines that the guys uttered. So, he thought it was all the more unfair that one would make fun of a person who didn't even know the language well," a unit member had told the daily.

The report further said that on Akshay's instructions, some minor changes were made in the script to avoid distasteful comments and the shoot resumed thereafter.

Akshay Kumar called it a prank

Later, in an interview, the Khiladi star said that it was a part of a prank pulled by the Housefull 3 team.

Comedy Nights Bachao

Abhishek Bachchan, who was also a part of the film, elaborated that people have been discussing only half-truth. "They went on a comedy show, there was a prank they were playing on the show. Unfortunately, half the news came out. It was a prank that Akshay was playing on the show. In the show, they were playing pranks on us, and we played one on them. So those reports are not entirely correct," Indian Express had quoted him as saying.