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Akshay Kumar plays football at an event in New DelhiIANS

Rustom actor and Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has revealed his interest in being a part of a film on kabaddi. For the "Khiladi" of Indian cinema, martial arts has always been the drive that has kept him fit even at the age of 49 and he has mentioned that sports is something that should be taken up by everyone to prosper in life.

"I don't know how anybody can live without sports. It's important for fitness in life, and a big stress buster," Akshay told Hindustan Times at an event in Delhi. The versatile actor, who played a cricketer in the 2011 Bollywood film 'Patiala House' also revealed his plans to be a part of a film involving sports.

"I would either go for martial arts or a film on Kabaddi. There has not been a Bollywood film on kabaddi and it'll be nice to see how the world responds to it," he added.

India hosts the FIFA U-17 World Cup next year and Akshay is aware of the event being a grand one. Over the years, Indian football has steadily seen a growth with I-League improving their quality with every passing season and the Indian Super League also giving the popularity of the beautiful game in the country a much-needed booster.

Cricket has been the main sport of the country, beating the likes of even hockey and shooting, but football is slowly catching up and that is some real good news. "Football is coming up in a very big way, and I hope it defeats cricket," continued the Airlift star. "Not far are those days when India is going to come in the big league and be on the world map of football, because the speed at which it is becoming popular in India is too fast."