Making your name in Bollywood is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and years of dedication to build the stardom. With the introduction of social media, becoming a star and connecting with the fans has become a little easier but the same was not the case in the '90s.

Things become more difficult when you are constantly pitted against each other. Bollywood celebrities are constantly compared with each other on the basis of their appearance, style, fashion sense and performance in the film. Although nowadays, stars openly shower love at each other rubbishing the rumours of their rivalries, it was not possible a decade ago.

suniel shetty and akshay

And so the talks of the infamous rivalry between Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty begun.

Akshay Kumar- Suniel Shetty relationship

Since both the actors almost started their careers on around the same time, they were constantly pitted against each other. Both Akshay and Suniel have been action heroes at the beginning of their careers and while Akshay moved on to do give some romantic hits as well, Suniel maintained his image of action hero.

suniel shetty and akshay

Media constantly used to talk about the increasing rivalry between both but the actors kept mum on the same. Finally, when Suniel opened up about their rumoured fight he disclosed that he and Akshay share an excellent bond. In an old interview with Lehran, Suniel revealed he had some issues with Akshay's secretary which might have triggered the rumours of the fight but all was handled later on.

Though, in an interview around the release of De Dana Dan, Suniel disclosed how he gets irritated with Akshay.

Akshay is a nightmare: Suniel

Akshay and Suniel, have a lot in common like martial arts and both of them have done more than ten movies together. Suniel has always said that he's very fond of Khiladi Kumar but he sometimes gets irritated with his pranks.

As per the report of DNA, making some interesting revelations about Akshay he said, "I love Akshay's energy. But he irritates me a lot too. He is a nightmare on the sets. I am an actor who takes time to get my lines and the grammar right."

suniel shetty and akshay

"Finally, when I get it right, Akshay does some nautanki and makes me forget them. Also, he steals other's mobiles and messages random people from those cell phones. So, now we keep all our belongings to ourselves," he said.

Suniel wishes to be like Akshay

Suniel Shetty along with Akshay and Ajay Devgan started off together in Bollywood. Not only the fact that all three of them are action heroes, but also the bond they share, is impeccable.

suniel shetty and akshay

Talking about the Singham and Sooryavanshi of Bollywood, Suniel confessed, "Today when I see Akshay and Ajay, I feel so proud, I salute them, they are very close friends of mine. Even today, they inspire me by what they have achieved, I am not jealous, I have made mistakes that is why where I am."

suniel shetty and akshay

"I appreciate both the actors, and I wish I was like them. For that I need to work hard," Suniel Shetty said.

Reportedly, Suniel Shetty will be next seen in Mumbai Saga, action crime film, directed by Sanjay Gupta and produced by T-series. Other actors such as John Abraham, Emraan Hashmi, Prateik Babbar, Rohit Roy and many more will also star in the movie.