Fake casting calls have become a worry for Bollywood as the lockdown proceeds. With everything on hold, there's a new scam of making fake casting calls for big projects. Earlier even Salman Khan's production faced the same issue where actors reported that there were fake casting calls being made in the name of the company.

Now, Akshay Kumar has issued a statement asking fans to be alert and aware. He clarified that no such calls were being made by the production and that any calls for casting were fake for the shooting of the second part of Filhall. 

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar alerts fans on fake casting calls for Filhall part 2

With Coronavirus and the lockdown, many new concerns are cropping up. Fake casting calls are becoming more common in the industry. Bollywood actors are getting messages and e-mails from seemingly official employees of production houses calling them for a project and meetings.

Earlier Salman Khan's company faced the same issue when imposters posed as employees and hoodwinked artists. Actors complained and reported the matter. Salman Khan had issued a statement saying legal action will be taken against those misusing the actor and his company's name.

Akshay Kumar issued a statement today on Twitter with the caption. "Corona ke samay fake news toh bahot sunni ab fake casting bhi ho rahi hai #Filhall yeh padhiye (At the time of Corona we've heard a lot about fake news now there's also fake casting #Filhall read this)." 

The statement read, "We, the team of Filhall, would like to clarify that neither we nor our production house/banner have authorised or engaged any individual, agency, partnership firm or company to cast for the sequel of our song 'Filhall'. In fact, we are not looking at casting anybody new for the sequel of 'Filhall' and we assure you that the story of 'Filhall' continues and will be portrayed by the original cast and the same team of the original 'Filhall'. We would request all our fans and viewers to disregard any such fake casting call."

Hopefully, this will promote alertness.