By now, we should be immune to celebs making some heartless statements every now and then. But, before we could do that, Akshay Kumar is back with another inconsiderate statement. The Bachchan Pandey actor recently equated treadmill to women walking to fetch water. This unfortunate and insensitive appropriation of the plight of village women by Akshay Kumar saw wide criticism. Twitter exploded with angry comments around how FAU-G founder Akshay just ended up appropriating these women when his intentions could've been better.

Still from Akshay Kumar's Laxmii
Still from Akshay Kumar's Laxmii

Akshay Kumar, along with Network18 initiative Mission Paani Waterthon, walked on a treadmill for over 21 kms to understand the plight of women. His intention might have been good, but this comparison has certainly not gone down well with many.

Akshay faces netizens' wrath

One social media user wrote, "Complete sham! let @akshaykumar ACTUALLY WALK 21 km in the blazing heat of Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP or Bihar, if he TRULY wants to understand the plight of village women, NOT by just doing his regular workout on the treadmill, just to hoodwink the masses!"

Another one said, "pls don't forget to ask @akshaykumar his thoughts about the high fuel prices these days or has he stopped using cars? Pre 2014 he was always worried about this and expressed his thoughts so regularly, seems he ain't free anymore. #JaiHind"

"Why does Akshay Kumar do such activities only when there is a film of his involved? Thinking face Distributing sanitary pads, walking, Ram Mandir and so on," another user wrote.

"Next he will go without food, roof over his head, standing knee deep in cold winter water filled fields, with zero buyer for his talent to understand how a farmer feels!!!," said another.

"Thank god, there wasn't any drive against open defecation" criticized a user.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Not in a mood to spare the actor, many even called it his "stupid stunts" for "movie promotions".

"With bare foot or nike shoes...What was the room temperature...Under AC or cosy warmth....After having the breakfast and what protein shake he had after treadmill.... that needs to be said too By the way i walk everyday on treadmill...Stop sensationalising the routine things," wrote a user.

"Akshay kumar sleeps without blankets in his AC bedroom to understand plight of farmers at Delhi border.#MissionPaani" said another while lashing out at the actor. 

This is not the first time when an actor has come under the scanner for making such insensitive statements. Salman Khan had also landed himself in a legal soup after he had compared shooting for Sultan to a woman being raped.