Akhil Akkineni and Sayesha Saigal's debut movie "Akhil: The Power Of Jua", which has been directed by VV Vinayak, has garnered mixed reviews from the audience.

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Written by Veligonda Srinivas, "Akhil: The Power Of Jua" is a socio-fantasy film, which is about a young guy who is in search of a precious stone. The story of the movie has failed to impress the audience, who are upset with Akhil Akkineni for choosing a bad script for his debut movie.

The audience say that the first half of "Akhil: The Power Of Jua" is good with some good romance, music, dance and comedy scenes. But, the slow-paced narration kills the interest of the viewers in the second half. The climax of the film does not seem to have impressed many movie buffs.

Akhil Akkineni has delivered good performance in "Akhil: The Power of Jua". His dance, action and dialogue diction have impressed the viewers. Sayesha Saigal's glamour, Brahmanandam's comedy, good music, well choreography of action and dance, beautiful location are the big assets of the film. Average VFX works and dragging narration, weak climax are its big drawbacks, say the viewers.

We bring you the verdict of the viewers posted on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Akhil: The Power Of Jua" movie review by the audience:

Hari Krishna Raju ‏@harikraju

Poor writing , bad execution, pathetic climax - #Akhil movie is a big disappointment ... Vinayak movies lo ee range product expect cheyyala #Akhil kurrodu dances superb ga chesadu, kummesadu, Manchi ease undi dances lo Expressions, dialogues, diction inka Chala Chala Chala homework avasaram. Dances tho veetipai kuda training ippinchi undalsindi #Akhil ki

Praveena Reddy S ‏@Dr_spreddy

@actor_nithiin @AkhilAkkineni8 @vennelakishore watched #AkhilThePowerOfJua,loved it,akhil ,comedy,songs,bgm,cinematography were awesome @sayyeshaa ....watched #AkhilThePowerOfJua ...you were very pretty,danced very well...liked the movie!!!!

Das CH ‏@chs_dass

#AkhilThePowerOfJua1st half we have got another talented hero with great screen presence from Akhil..fights,Dances are good :) #AkhilThePowerOfJua above average first half with rich production values..Akhil has great screen presence..comedy lets bit down #AkhilThePowerOfJua good 2nd half comedy worked out well..songs,fights and bgm are at top notch #AkhilThePowerOfJua except for climax panther,killer fish episodes are good..Nag cameo in Akkineni song so special treat for Akkineni fans #AkhilThePowerOfJua one time watch and feast for fans...good debut

Raghava ‏@RaghavaMahesh19

#Akhil 1st half done... Dances kummesadu... Rajendra prasad and akhil scenes bagunayi. #Akhil 2nd half... Akhil action episodes, Brahmi comedy... song lo ma king nag appearance made BlockBuster #Akhil : Nag cheppinatlu gane manchi commercial subject tho dimpadu..action, dance, comedy.. Kummesadu.Akkineni fans ku pandaga start aindi☺

Revanth Chowdary ‏@RevanthTamannah

#‎Akhil The power of Jua....First Half Extra Ordinary.. First song Energy song adhaara kothesaadu.. Michael Jackson nee minchi pooyadu dance looooo..Padesava song , Hey Akhil r also wonderful...Fights Excellent.... Akhil Chasing is wonderful No words to say abt this movie.. ��

Mukesh ‏@BeingMuki

#akhil 1st half was good 2nd half vinayak implemented alludu srinu bad screenplay.below avg. @AkhilAkkineni8 dances fights acting is good

Karthik ‏@Madhuharit

#Akhil rod, vv vinayak alludu sreenu magic missed, #akhil ok only saving grace for #Akhil is songs, vinayak disappointed with boring screenplay, k siva need for next akhil film.

Poorna Pradeep ‏@PoornaPradeep1

#Akhil liked it #Akhil nice debut by Akhil. He choosed different script without attempting safe genre His dance n fights Not a boring screenplay.

Srikanth ‏@Srikvemulapalli

#Akhil 1st half done @AkhilAkkineni8 excels in dances ,Fights & has a great screen presence. The next superstar of TFI has arrived .

Nanna ku Prematho ‏@udaysimhareddy

Watched #Akhil movie. Dance and fights are good, King guest appearance keka. Movie not upto the mark. routine comedy.

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

#Akhil Simply Superb in Dances & Fights. Literally Padarasam. Average to okay 1st half. 2nd half is a let down, weak screen play. #Akhil

Hemanth Cherry ‏@hemanth_Kajal

#Akhil done a good job Akkineni family ki oka manchi dancer dorikadu @AkhilAkkineni8 Songs choreography,Rich locations,Production values #Akhil dances are highlight of the movie

Sandeep Reddy ‏@hitsandeep

#Akhil ... 1st half below average. Dances were neat, locations were awesome. Waiting for second half... #Akhil very disappointed, good dance moves and awesome locations... Better luck for next one

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

INTERVAL #Akhil Mani sharma BGM rockss Rest is Jua !! King Nagarjuna Cameo in Akkineni song .. Response adiripoyindi #Akhil Akkineni song ki Nag Entry is the best part of film. #Akhil Its Over !! #AkhilThePowerOfJua V V Vinayak ye na Director ee Cinema ki

Ishaa ‏@Ishaa0810

#Akhil 1st half done.not much story. Plus:Akhil screen presence and dances Heroine looks and acting Story ento ardham pardham leni fantasy #Akhil is pretty average flick.Lacks soul.except for Akhil screen presence n songs nothing would excite you @AkhilAkkineni8 is star material #Akhil heroine looks much better than promos and acted and danced well for a first timer

jj ‏@shekharbabu42

#Akhil dances kummindu, definitely he will become no 1 dancer in tfi #Akhil first half done, except songs there is nothing much #Akhil script is very weak..avg movie, akhil dances too good #Akhil maro sakthi

Shreya Annam ‏@shreyaannam

Breezy first half...with a slightly rocky second half makes #Akhil a decent watch! Was such a delight to watch Akhil dance!

Cinema Cinema ‏@dthrelease


Chowdary526 ‏@chowdary526

Except dance every other department Akhil movie fails to impress (Acting Story Direction Comedy VFX) #AkhilThePowerOfJua

Chandu ‏@chandra3789

First half over. Akhil is definitely the most energetic debutant in Telugu cinema ever.. Vinayaka sir...endi idi. #AkhilThePowerOfJua Movie over.Akhil rocked. Energetic and promising. Vinayak sir shocked us. My last V.V.Vinayak's film in theater #AkhilThePowerOfJua #Akhil Most over hyped director since debut.... Climax lo plane scene machu tunaka... #AkhilThePowerOfJua #V.V.Vinayak

OptimusPrime ‏@i_avr

Just watched #Akhil feast 4 Ak fans, decent 1 time watch 4 others. #Akhil nailed it, lightening dance, thundering fights,bass in voice 3/5

Bharath Chinna ‏@bharathkrchinna

#Akhil positives Akhil Energy and Dances Brahmi comedy Fights Nag cameo -ves Weak story Screenplay Age old content The most positive outcome of #Akhil is Brahmi babai comedy.. He is back to his timing.. No lame performance..

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

#AkhilThePowerOfJua - Plus-Dances,Cinematography,BGM. Minus- Story,Comedy,Fights,VFX. Operation(Akhil Launch) Success,Patient(Audience) dead

Rajesh Trivikram ‏@rajeshbharadwaz

#AkhilThePowerOfJua sayesha and akhil dance bagundii..rest of all routine #leaveit #anji movie is far better than dis ... #AkhilThePowerOfJua @sayyeshaa ur performance and dance were super ... especially in akkineni song .

AnjaN ‏@AnjaniAries

Can't Stop my Self Tweeting about 1st Song Dances Awesome Shakes n moves. Akhil - The Dancer #AkhilThePowerOfJua Padesave Song -2nd Song Awesome Moments #AkhilThePowerOfJua Odd Comedy :-( :-( :-( #Akhil Production Values #AkhilThePowerOfJua Interval -1 St Song Tappa yem ledu #Akhil

Kirthi ‏@BANDLA7

#AkhilThePowerOfJua face lo expression levu. #AkhilThePowerOfJua songs bad.. First 2 songs cut chesukovachu #AkhilThePowerOfJua 2nd half comdy bagundhi.

K Lekhya ‏@klekhya

@AkhilAkkineni8 @actor_nithiin @iamnagarjuna movie... Loved it Congratulations to the whole team#AkhilThePowerOfJua #Akhil

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#Akhil #AkhilThePowerOfJua 1st half Average...@AkhilAkkineni8 Dances and Fights a big plus point...Movie moving slow #Akhil #AkhilThePowerOfJua 2nd half below average and dragged out...@AkhilAkkineni8 the only saving factor...Overall Below Average Novie

Sasi ‏@sasidharanne

First half done #AkhilThePowerOfJua #AkhilOnNov11 one word lo babu kummesadu.. Akkineni song lo kanne pettaro beat, king nag entrance and theater motham kekalu... Adripoyindi #AkhilThePowerOfJua #AkhilOnNov11 no words #AkhilThePowerOfJua #AkhilOnNov11 done with movie.. akhil kummesadu.. Typical commercial movie Climax taking weak..

Telugu Cinema Fan ‏@cinemababa

#AkhilThePowerOfJua avoid it. Asala ilanti stories enduku accept chestaaru #Akhil #Akhil dances bane chesaadu acting ok. Better than NC's #Josh Saayesha ee cinema ee first and last in Telugu #Akhil

Hemanth Chalasani ‏@hchalasani

Very bad movie selection for the grand launch of #Akhil not even single exciting moment. Best part of the movie is NAG special appearance Huge roar from fans For Nag entrance #Akkineni song rest all pin drop silence in Benefit show.. #Akhil nailed it in 1st song rest all so so Brahmi, Sapthagiri, RP nly +ves rest al movie SCRAP.Leave about al Block busters he has given.Is he the same director who directed AS #Akhil Debut movie ke ah plane fight ento parachute landing ento.. UFF #AkhilThePowerOfJua title lo unna power cinema lo okka scene lo kuda ledu Worst picture quality on screen.. Each and every frame is so dull #AkhilThePowerOfJua 2 hrs movie looked like 3 hrs

Akhilimz ‏@akhilimz

Bad story, Bad narration, Worst VFX ever, Predictable Torture, Uncontrollable Budget, Forcible Songs, Slapstick Comedy #AkhilThePowerOfJua Good performances by debutant actors @AkhilAkkineni8 @sayyeshaa but they failed to select a standard script. #AkhilThePowerOfJua What's good: Lead actors performance, choreography and fights #AkhilThePowerOfJua

Abhiram ‏@abhiramsainath

Interval bang baga undi..over all decent 1st half bagundi, with comedy and dance. Climax & panther fight tappa, over all ga decent entry for akhil. Vinayak always safe zone lo unchutadu hero ni. #AkhilThePowerOfJua

KalyanFanatic ‏@gowrav_pk

Showtime #Akhil..1st sng arachakam..2nd sng superu..3rd sng Akhil keka..INTERVAL full meals chesesam..4th sng locations kevvu Climax sng Akkineni Akkineni whistles..beebastham..boshanam..climax full meals vikatinchi vaanthulu (2/2) #PowerOfJua #JuaFans Worst first half..not even a single worthy sceen to impress both fans and common audience #Akhil Both Akhil and Sayesha are big let down..weak screenplay leads towards improper interval card. Utter scrap by vinayak. #AkhilThePowerOfJua

KattuBanisa ‏@swamynadhkone

Paatalu on screen bavunnayi..#Akhil dances are good..Energy undhi..#Vinayak strong area Comedy baa workout ayindhi.. Rest Scrap #Akhil


#AkhilThePowerOfJua .. Complete dissapointment .. Akhil dances are good ..Did not expect such from Vinayak garu .. Peak level of boring

NannakuPrematho ‏@SantoshTarakFan

Just now completed #AkhilThePowerOfJua movie #Akhil acting superrr @AkhilAkkineni8


#AkhilThePowerOfJua 1st half done disastrous, frustrating, untolerable, disgusting to the peaks #AkhilThePowerOfJua father comedy by brahmi and Co provides some relief from the never ending Jua torture..song now to test our patience now

Prabhas Fan ‏@pavan1230

Ok first half but direction & DOP worst.. Akhil Dances superbb.. #AkhilThePowerOfJua

FAISAL SRK ‏@faisalsrkfs

#Akhil is complete Disappointing may be end as Flop #Akhil is boring routine movie @AkhilAkkineni8 is good dancer But as actor falied #Akhil not leave up to expectations V.V nayak garu is made worst film of his career

Chanti tarak ‏@chanti5447

Finished 1st half #Akhil First song dance and fights superb Story lite

RK ‏@chvrkraju

JP comedy bits , songs bagunnai .. dance movements esthannadu but timing bad .. below avg first half #akhil

#Akhil ‏@Krrish_Nag

#Akhil #AkhilThepowerofjua 1st half good. Akhil rocking ,dance & fights super. interval twist good

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Passable 1st half. Dance,Fights,Locations,Cinematography are plus points #Akhil

Fukkard ‏@Fukkard

#Akhil First Half as it is ga undhi .... #akhil is a blunder from Vinayak & Nithiin.lame screenplay and direction,avg performance from debutant #akhilakkineni

ARUN KUMAR ‏@arunkrmr

#Akhil First day first show.. Dances irragadesadu...routine story first half..hope second half would be better...

$hashank ‏@shasha1495

#AkhilThePowerOfJua 1st half is not as bad as everybody talking ! Akhil glorious dance movements with little humour tho laaginchindi bandi

Mahesh bhakthudu ‏@ArunAshadow

fIRST HALF Good Second half edo undhi climax Worst ... #akhil Edo undhi.. hero ga unna 100% success ayyadu .vinayak matrak ade rotta direc

MARJET ‏@sreeramtej

First half Parledu #akhil.. Content pedda emi ledu but songs dances baagunai.. Performance kuda Ok not bad debutant kada

Siva2015 ‏@Godhavari_KING

weak 1st half a superb anipinche range 2nd half..2 songs lo dancelu,akkadakkada comedy punch lu thappa scrap mve #Akhil

нαρρу âˆ'ιωαâ""ι ‏@vamsikbolla

OK 1st Half. Songs, Cinematography & Locations #AkhilThePowerOfJua

Sri.. ‏@aabhii7

#Akhil show completed..Akhil all the way excelled in dances and fights..performance is good..another star from akkineni family.. Nag guest appearance with his brother @AkhilAkkineni8 in akkineni song is rocking..enjoyed it..#akhil

ATB 2 #AKHIL #PRDP ‏@adityagaru

#‎Akhil A Grand Launched film of Akhil My Rating 3/5 Akhil done marvelous job Dances are stunning fight's also good Nag special appearance in Akkineni song is Highlight Heroine glamorous Music decent Songs picturized well Bgm perfect Screenplay Weak Vfx is minus Direction not upto mark Overall one time Watchable for Audience Eye feast for Akkineni fans Finally Strictly Avg Film

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

Saw #Akhil...keeping the story aside, the film is all about @AkhilAkkineni8's coming-of-age. A promising debut for both Akhil & @sayyeshaa

Sandeep ‏@veeravalli22

#AkhilThePowerOfJua plus of the movie is #Akhil dances and fights ..comedy and especially not to forget our #King @iamnagarjuna #Akkineni Song #Padessave visuals and pleasant music from #AkhilThePowerOfJua @MusicThaman superbbb

Thaneesh tani ‏@thaneeshtani

#Akhil ur dance simply super akhil rocking @iamnagarjuna @AkhilAkkineni8 Nagarjuna spl performance at akhil movie last song don't miss it

Satish ‏@ANRLegend

#AKHIL MANIA Superb dance moves for all 5 songs keeps AKHIL on the top...and made akkineni fans merry...ITS ONLY AKHIL ..AKHIL and AKHIL....

Rayarao Sriram ‏@rayaraosreeram

#Akhil The least possible bad film you dont expect from VV Vinayak. Poor writing and pathetic screenplay! Not a great debut for Akhil.

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Power Of JUA has burnt the 2nd half #Akhil Picturization,Dances valla Onscreen songs baunnay. Manchi audio ayyunte Songs chala plus ayyevi cinemaki #Akhil Debut aina freega chesadu.Perfrmnce wise chala improve avvalsi unna,1st film e kabatti parledu. Dances,Fights chala baga chesadu. #Akhil Bad Story selection for a debut film. VVV routine template ayyunna cmrclga baga pay chesedi #Akhil