Ajminur Oarish
Ajminur Oarish

In a world of 7 billion Population, every individual has different hobbies, interests, and passions, but one thing that is close to every heart is music. One could hardly find a person who doesn't like the music of some form or the other. This is the reason music industries across the nations are flourishing and getting bigger every single year. Thousands of new faces enter this field to make. mark in the industry and Ajminur Oarish is one of them. The young musician from Bangladesh is getting popular after the release of his first album.

He is a verified artist on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and other popular music apps, which proves his credibility and talent as a debutant. His first song 'Desperated Space' got viral and particularly popular with the young generations, he claims. His debut album 'Feelings of Ecstacy' and second album 'The bachelor shit' were liked by many. Now he is passing a very busy time for his new upcoming album 'Home Sweet Home'. It will be released soon.

His journey of becoming a musician started from childhood itself. He was passionate about music, it always gave him motivation to be who he wanted to be. He was always focused on his dream of becoming a singer and composer. Born in Khulna of Bangladesh, he knew that the path ahead wasn't going to be easy. He started recording with a mobile phone and a microphone and uploaded it on YouTube. He says he got thousands of subscribers within a few months, encouraging him to move ahead and compose his first professional album. Ajminur says " If you have talent and you are ready to put in your 100% efforts, nothing can stop you, be it any field."

Initial difficulties made him realize that budding talent in the industry need a platform to support them to showcase and promote their talent. He started "AjminurOarish Music' in 2020 with a vision to provide that platform, where talent is the only criteria. He says "Popular platforms don't recognize new talent very quickly, which is obvious, but everyone deserves a fair chance, that's what I am trying to provide."

A singer, composer, lyricist, and entrepreneur, he dawns multiple hats and the common thread is music. He wants to keep creating good music to influence positively. He says "Music has immense power to change lives, to heal and to motivate. Good music is welcomed everywhere irrespective of any kind of barrier."

He is commendable not only because of his talent but also about his views and reasons behind creating soulful music. Fame is not what is his motivation behind becoming a musician, it is just the result of the kind of music he is delivering that he has achieved so much so early.