Ajmal Kasab Hanged
Supporters of the hardline Hindu group Bajrang Dal, dance while wearing pictures of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, amid smoke caused by fire crackers during the celebrations in New Delhi November 21, 2012.Reuters

Soon after the news of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab's hanging was announced, several people started raising questions about the government's secrecy over his execution.

Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist from the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, was secretly hanged at Pune's Yerwada central prison at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday and his body was buried on the jail premises.

While several people, including the victims' families supported the decision, many have raised doubts on the social networking sites asking whether the terrorist was actually hanged or he died of dengue.

The rumor of Kasab dying of dengue has become a hot topic of discussion on Twitter.

Here are a few tweets from people who said that the gunman actually died of dengue:

"@bhs7rocks: I doubt whether Kasab died of dengue or was hanged !! i want to believe the latter though !!"

"@Accidental_Er#Kasab might have died of dengue, who knows.This is Indian Government, we cannot trust them."

"@akshayerathi : And now, news / rumors doing the rounds that #Kasab died of dengue!"

"@RupaSubramanya: Did Kasab not have dengue few days ago? What's Indian law on executing someone who's not 100% healthy i.e. if he didn't recover fully?"

"@iamsimpreet#Kasab was sufferin frm Dengue. All the Politicians sayin He was Hanged. If he was Hanged Y their is not even a single picture Out."

"@RiteshSeth: What if Kasab died of Dengue and Govt is just taking the credits of the mosquito?"

Earlier this month, there were reports suggesting that Kasab was detected with dengue and he was down with high fever in Arthur Road Jail. But a team of doctors from JJ Hospital, who treated Kasab, said that he was not suffering from dengue.

"Kasab underwent tests inside his high-security cell by doctors from JJ Hospital to check for symptoms of malaria and dengue. The tests were negative. He was running high fever and had been weak for two days. However, the tests clearly show that he had normal fever and that he had not contracted any disease," the Indian Express quoted Arthur Road Jail superintendent Suresh Karnik as saying.

People have also asked why authorities have not revealed any photo of the Kasab's body. Mystery also remains as what prompted the government to take the action all on a sudden. 

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