Ajith Kumar has shared his message on the occasion of completing 30 years in the film industry. The Tamil actor, on Thursday, 5 August, thanked the fans and audience for the support of his haters, fans, and neutral audience which has helped him to shape his career.

Ajith Kumar
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"Mr Ajith Kumar's message on his 30th year in the film industry. Fans, Haters & Neutrals are 3 sides of the same coin. I graciously accept the Love from fans, the hate from the haters & the unbaised views of the Neutrals.Live & Let live! Unconditional Love Always!!Ajith Kumar. [sic]" his manager Suresh Chandra posted the actor's message on Twitter.

Ajith's Journey in Film Industry
Ajith, fondly called Thala by his fans, never dreamt of becoming an actor. He was passionate about modeling and racing and did not desire to pursue an acting career. After dropping out of school, a 50-year-old star worked in the garment industry and turned into a businessman by starting a textile-processing agency. Unfortunately, the business was not successful and he lost a huge amount of money.

When life was throwing challenges one after the other, there came an offer to work in a film. Well, it was not in Tamil but from the Telugu film industry. He had a forgettable debut as his first flick met with a lot of struggles even before release. The director of the film died while shooting a scene.

Ajith in Valimai
Ajith in Valimai.Twitter

Deathly Blow
In the first few years, the Valimai star wanted to work in movies as it helped him to clear his loans. At this juncture, he was also trying to follow his passion to make a career in auto racing. A week before the competition, he suffered a serious injury, thereby shattering his dreams. He was bedridden for 18 months.

After those depressing months, he started working in the film Pavitra. Again, it was only for survival. In 1995, he got a break in Kollywood in the form of Aasai. But again, the worst was waiting to hit his confidence as he delivered five consecutive flops in a year. Critics went ahead and declared that his career was over. His relationship too had failed then.

The only way to overcome the pains was by working nonstop. In the process, Ajith started building his career and liking his acting job. Vaali in 1999 changed his career and he never looked back again although success and failures have been part of his journey.