It was on September 22 that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted a massive raid all across the nation to crack down on the alleged terror links of the Popular Front of India (PFI). 

Over 200 officers of the NIA took part in the raid which was conducted in over 150 locations in 15 different states. The investigation agency also arrested more than 100 PFI workers, for their alleged links to terror outfits. 

Ajit Doval-Indian NSA
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According to reports, the decision to carry out these raids was not taken abruptly, instead, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has been planning this operation for the past several weeks. 

When prime minister Narendra Modi reached Kerala to commission the INS Vikrant on September 02, Doval was chalking out plans to demolish the terror outfits which are operating in Kerala, India Today reported citing people familiar with the matter. 

Doval also conducted meeting with several top police offers in Kerala, and ask them to act against PIF operatives. 

Doval later flew to Mumbai where he lived in the Governor's house and held meetings with security officials.

The report further noted that these meetings were conducted by maintaining high confidentiality, very similar to the planning done before the Uri surgical strike. 

"The operation was planned three to four months in advance in consultation with Islamic leaders. NSA Doval kept the entire plan undercover on the directions of Home Minister Amit Shah," India Today report added. 

Ajit Doval monitored the operation 24/7, and he coordinated with state officials to carry out the raid without leaving any loopholes.