Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, former Miss World and the 'Most Ideal Celebrity Mother' in Bollywood, has been criticized in recent weeks for not losing her post-pregnancy weight.

On Nov. 16, the Bollywood actress gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and since then, both mother and daughter have been making headlines.

Recently, Aishwarya was criticized by fans for not losing her "oodles of weight" after a photo of her with double chin appeared online.

Other famous personalities like Beyonce Knowles and Lara Dutta also became mothers, but they got rid of the post-baby weight pretty fast.  

Aishwarya's weight gain has now opened up a debate in the film industry. But rather than allowing her to enjoy the luxury of motherhood with her daughter, people are unfairly concerned about the weight.

While Aish's fans are passing judgment on her weight, Bollywood celebrities have come out and are publicly defending the new mom Aishwarya Rai.

Actress Sonali Bendre recently came to Aishwarya's defense and requested people to just let her be. Bendre said, "People are being too harsh on her. She has just had a baby. She deserves a break. Please let her be. Let her enjoy this happy phase of her life."

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta, who gave birth to a daughter in January, has also come in Aish's defense and condemned the media for criticizing Aishwarya's appearance. The actress at a recent event in Mumbai expressed her anger on the fuss being created by media over Aish's weight gain.

"You have no right to pass comments on women like Aishwarya, who have gone through a hard time during pregnancy. I stayed away from putting weight because of yoga during my pregnancy, but that's my personal choice which may not be the case with Ash. So, please refrain from getting judgmental. Respect the private life of Ash as a mother, who has every right to look however she wants," Lara told reporters.

Maybe, Aishwarya's new motherhood has taken her to a phase where she is not concerned about her looks, but is all occupied with Aaradhya.

But her fans are surely waiting to see her back in shape.