Screen-grab of Aaradhya Bachan caught on E 24 music channel's camera. Image: Youtube
Screen-grab of Aaradhya Bachan caught on E 24 music channel's camera. Image: Youtube

Aishwarya Rai has been in the news ever since the time she became Miss World. Be it her wedding with Abhishek Bachchan or her pregnancy or the birth of her first baby or her post-pregnancy weight gain, Ash has been everyone's focus of attention and a hot topic of discussion. However, Abhishek said that his eight-month-old daughter Aaradhya has become the focus of everybody's attention.

When daddy Abhishek was asked if there's any change in his life after he became a father, he said: ''The responsibilities have increased. Right now Aaradhya is focus of everybody's attention. Everybody's fascinated with her. You are willing to do anything for her. Her innocent presence makes everyone want to spend time with her."

Earlier, Ash said that her life has changed after the birth of Aaradhya. "Life has become quieter, which is very nice; I am spending a lot of time with her and just enjoying being a family," Ash said.

"I have learnt to manage my time better with work so that my family time isn't compromised too much. I prefer to take her with me on travels when the commitments are not too tight. My mother accompanies me to help with Aaradhya, so I am blessed that way."

When it comes to their darling little angel, Bachchans have been very protective. They even refused to confirm her name for the first six-months. They also tried hard to keep her away from paparazzi, but this time, all efforts gone waste.

After eight-months of effort, the toddler's face was finally captured by a cameraman from E24's news channel. However, the cameraman was only able to capture Aaradhya's left eye and her forehead.

Now, we are waiting for Bachchans to officially introduce their bundle of joy to the world.