Low-cost airline AirAsia India may break-even by May-June, as soon as it inducts its sixth plane, its chief executive officer Mittu Chandilya said on Tuesday.

AirAsia India venture to break even in December, later than they expected

The airline has already turned cash flow positive, and is expecting to break-even anywhere between May and June, when its sixth plane starts operating, said Chandilya.

Currently, the airline operates three planes; a fourth is expected to start flying in three weeks' time.

AirAsia is a partnership between AirAsia Bhd, owning 49 per cent stake, and Tata Sons holding 30 per cent, while the rest is being held by Arun Bhatia of Telestra Tradeplace Pvt Ltd.

Initially, the airline had expected to break-even by November 2014. However, the deadline was pushed back as a result of various external factors.

Chandilya added that the airline was poised to take delivery of four more planes in 2014.

In 2015, the airline plans on taking 10 additional planes with the break-even occurring faster, if it starts flying to Delhi.

The airline was scheduled to start flights to Delhi from 16 February, which has now been deferred as a result of regulatory uncertainties.

The government had proposed to replace the 5/20 rule, under which domestic airlines would have to ply local for five years and operate 20 planes, to be eligible for consideration to expand into international routes.

AirAsia is keen on flying on international routes. However, Chandilya said that he would want to know the government guidelines beforehand, so that he can restructure flight schedules without disruptions or having to pull out later, LiveMint reports.