An Air India Pilot, who recently made a music video criticising the airline management and other staff, has been served with a suspension order.

The management also notified the pilot would be taken off flying duties for the rap video that that went viral on YouTube for its expletives.

Captain Anjum Chabra, 28, a first-officer with AI, uploaded a five-minute, 14-second music video which angered the AI management and airhostesses.

Chabra has, however, apologised for his indiscipline and also promised to remove the video from the site, according to PTI. "We have asked the General Manager of the region to examine the matter and take action if need be," Air India CMD Rohit Nandan told reporters.

The video titled "Air India Rap" has received more than 70, 000 views since the time it was uploaded on YouTube.

The management also said that they will check past records of the pilot before taking any final decision. According to Mumbai Mirror, the management has asked the pilot not to speak to the media.

Before receiving the gag order the pilot told Mumbai Mirror, "I made it as a hobby. I didn't mean to offend anyone."

 Here are some of the lyrics of the rap song:

"What do I say to people what kind of pilot am I...who sits at home most of the time and never gets to fly. It's been more than 5 months since I haven't got paid...Time and time again and again I have been betrayed," goes one of the lines

"How do I fly with women in 60'ies they call them airhostess we call them Aunties."

"What the f*** ma, why are you guys keeping quiet, how are you guys running home, do you have any other business by your side. I am filling bankruptcy, and I am getting bored. I am finished with all my money and lost all hope."