Priya Vedi AIIMS doctor commits suicide
AIIMS doctor Priya Vedi (late) with her husband Kamal Vedi, also a doctor at AIIMS.Facebook/Priya Vedi

Unable to bear the torture by her 'gay' husband, a doctor working at Delhi's All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) committed suicide on Sunday by slitting her wrist.

Dr Priya Vedi left behind a suicide note in which she blamed her 34-year-old husband for her death, based on which he was arrested on Sunday. The couple got married five years ago.  

The Delhi police said that Priya checked into a hotel in central Delhi's Paharganj locality at around 12:30 am on Sunday and her dead body was recovered from the room at around 2:30 am, The Indian Express reported.

"She had had a fight with her husband. She then checked into the hotel and called up her parents to tell them that she was not well," a senior police officer said.

The police were alerted after Priya's colleagues at AIIMS got calls from her parents, who said their daughter called up to say she was not well.

"When we reached the hotel, we saw the victim lying in a pool of blood. One of her wrists was slit, which may be self-inflicted. There was a used syringe lying by her side, which suggests she might have injected something into her body. All the evidence has been sent for forensic examination," the police officer said.

Kamal Vedi, Priya's husband, is a dermatologist at the AIIMS.   

In her Facebook post, the 31-year-old revealed about her failed marriage and held her husband responsible for her death even as she mentioned at the end that his family was innocent.

The police recovered the suicide note along with Priya's body and have begun investigation into the case. 

"We arrested the husband under section 498 b (husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) and 304 a (causing death by negligence) of the IPC. The woman's body has been sent for a post mortem and investigations are on," DCP (Central) Paramaditya said.

Priya's note on Facebook

Hours before her body was found from a hotel room, Priya had posted a note on Facebook recounting the torment she had to endure in the last five years. In the note, she called her husband a "devil" and accused him of torturing her throughout their married life.

(Suicide note follows verbatim. Grammar, syntax and typographical errors not corrected.)

"In spite of knowing this I decided to help him to b as a wife with him . But he tortured me a lot mentally. And at last night he tortured me emotionally so I am unabl to take breath with him . And last Dr kamal vedi I loved you a lot and I return you took my all happiness from me. You are not a human being you are a devil , who take away my life from me (sic)," she wrote.

She said she tried accepting her husband but things became worse as he started torturing her.

"i never told this to anyone because I was in love with him I thought one day everything would b okay. But than he started to find faults in me and my family . They torture me a lot mentally in these five years . In these five years I was just a wife tag for him.... I just wanted to be with you accepting you because I loved you very much but you never knew importance of this . You are a criminal Dr kamal vedi of my life," she wrote.

In the note, she even requested other gay men not to marry a girl just for the sake of hiding the real face behind a married life.

"If someone in our society is like him please don't marry to a girl to save yourself , you people by doing so not playing only with someone emotions also with a girl and her family's life (sic)," she wrote further.