Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has started dominating all courses of human lives, and now, a transhumanist thinker has predicted that robots powered with AI could complete all human tasks by 2050. As artificial intelligence will dominate the world in the future, humans will be allowed to move to post-compulsory work society.

The vitality of artificial general intelligence

These remarks were made by David Wood, president of the London Futurists, and treasurer of the Transhumanist Party in the United Kingdom. Wood believes that humans should use the advantages offered by artificial intelligence to improve their biological capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence
Researchers have trained an artificial intelligence to create a black metal album.Public Domain Pictures

"I believe there's a 50 percent chance of artificial general intelligence, and hence the possibility of robots doing all human tasks, by the middle of the century and I've said there's about a 10 percent chance we might have this by 2025," Wood told Express.co.uk.

It should be noted that artificial general intelligence is a point in time when AI matches or surpasses human intelligence in any particular area. Several top experts including Stephen Hawking believed that this could happen in the future, and the repercussions of this development are unpredictable.

AI to revolutionize the world

Wood believes that wise usage of artificial intelligence in areas of gene editing could revolutionize the future, and people can solve various problems like aging effectively.

"I think we can solve aging and death and that we can allow people to truly live better lives by enhancing not just their physical wellbeing but their mental, emotional, we might even say spiritual wellbeing and that more of us will be able to live in ways that occasionally we only glimpse today. With these technologies we could become a lot more like the sages, the gurus, the mystics," added Wood.

Future humans will be hybrids

A few months back, Professor David J Gunkel, a top expert in robot ethics at Northern Illinois University, Chicago had suggested that future humans could be a mix of organics and technology. He also predicted the actual legal standing of robots could emerge as the hottest point of debate in the future.

As per Gunkel, future humans will augment themselves with artificial devices in the future, and thus physical and mental capabilities of human beings can be extended beyond limits.