Artificial Intelligence
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As artificial intelligence (AI) has started dominating all areas of our living, many people strongly believe that the advent of automation in society will take away jobs from humans. These people believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will supplement human intelligence, thus taking away jobs from industries ranging from media to banking.

As panic surrounding job loss due to artificial intelligence reaches new levels, experts have clarified that AI will not take away jobs from humans. Experts revealed that artificial intelligence is actually supplementing human intelligence all across the spectrum, and it will actually make the life of humans easy.

In a recent post written on Science Focus, Dr Peter Bentley, a British author and computer scientist based at University College London revealed that artificial intelligence is not the same as factory automation or robots. Bentley believes that AI is very similar to the internet, and it is basically an enabling technology which creates new jobs in various industries.

Bentley also added that several job openings including computer developers, sales and marketing people, educators, lawyers, and regulators will be increased due to the advent of AI.

"The first jobs created are for computer developers, AI experts and researchers, along with sales and marketing people in new AI companies. Other new jobs include educators, lawyers, and regulators to help society adjust to the changing technologies. For technologies enabled by AI such as self-driving vehicles or smart buildings, we will need construction workers, engineers, and architects to build new infrastructure. That's a lot of new jobs," says Bentley.

Alexander Linden, research vice president at Gartner revealed that artificial intelligence can be never compared with the human brain.

"Some forms of Machine Learning (ML) -- a category of AI -- may have been inspired by the human brain, but they are not equivalent. Image recognition technology, for example, is more accurate than most humans but is of no use when it comes to solving a math problem. The rule with AI today is that it solves one task exceedingly well, but if the conditions of the task change only a bit, it fails," said Linden.