Google Clips, a tiny clip-on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered camera, witnessed overwhelming sale on Google Store, with stocks running out in no time.

However, the delivery of the Google Clips will take at least a month, with the latest shipment date showing February 27 for some lucky customers, who were able to grab it early on.

The massive response for $249 priced tiny Google camera is palpable, as it is smartest camera device on the market. It intuitive enough to understand the context of the situation and also recognise the faces of the people, particularly close to the owner and take snapshots with a clear focus, without any physical assistance.

The owner just needs to switch-on the Google Clips and hang it on their shirt or a place or a pet's collar, it will be on standby and whenever it deems the situation is apt, the device takes snaps and short clips by its own and syncs the recorded content to Google Clips app on Android devices (select models: Pixel and Samsung S7/S8 series) and also Apple iPhones (6 and later).

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AI-powered Google Clips camera sold out on Google StoreGoogle

However, some sceptics, who also include SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk, call Google Clips auto-capture feature a bit creepy, as it will be on all the time and raise user privacy concerns.

Google has not come forth with any official response to the critics, but it defends Clips camera, as the device will flash the LED light, whenever it is taking photo or video, to let people know, it is recording.

Also, Google Clip makes all the decision using machine learning algorithm in the device itself. Furthermore, it does not independently send any details to any remote server and the owner has the sole rights to save (in cloud storage) or share them on social media sites.

AI-powered Google Clips camera sold out on Google StoreMade by Google via YouTube

As of now, there is no word when Google Clips will be back on sale on Google Store. Stay tuned.

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