The Telangana government has denied permission for benefit shows of Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaathavaasi (Agnathavasi/Agnyathavasi), but allowed one extra/special show from January 10 to January 17.

Agnyaathavaasi is a big-budget movie and its theatrical rights have been sold at very high prices. The distributors are looking for all the possible ways to recover their investments on its opening days. They had planned grand premieres all over the Telugu states on Tuesday night and in the early hours of Wednesday.

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In a bid to facilitate this, the makers of Agnyaathavaasi had sought permission from the Telangana government for benefit shows and extra shows. It was reported on Tuesday morning that the producers were in talks with the government and were hoping to get permission for both. If we are to go by the latest buzz, the fans of Pawan Kalyan are in for both good and bad news.

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The bad news is the state government has denied permission for benefit shows of Agnyaathavaasi. So the first show of the movie starring Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emmanuel will begin at 7:30 am on Wednesday.

This is sure to disappoint many fans of the Mega family, who wanted to watch it in the benefit shows. Andhra Box Office tweeted, "#Agnyaathavaasi shows will start from 7:30 Am in Telangana Tomorrow. [sic]"

On the other hand, the Telangana government has granted permission to hold special show from January 10 to January 17 on the condition that the screening of this shows start at 8 am each day.

This is set to be a major boost for the prospects of Agnyaathavaasi at the Telangana box office, because this is in addition to the four regular shows each day.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaathavaasi is all set for a humongous worldwide opening in a few hours.