Islamic State (isis) currently has 1,600 soldiers in Aghanistan, it has been reported.

Photos from the Sheikh Jalaluddin training camp, run be Isis' regional group Wilayat Khorasan, have been circulated on the Internet. The training camp, The Long War Journal speculates, is in the Nangarhar disctrict where the militant group has already been active.

Four districts in south of Jalalabad in Afghanistan, it is believed, have been taken over by the Islamic militant group to be a part of the "caliphate" they're trying to build.

The namesake of the training camp was the Khorasan Province's former religious and legal scholar who died in the US air strike on 13 October in Nangarhar's Mohmand Dara district. While the leader's death has not been officially announced Islamic State names its training camps to commemorate a fallen leader.

The Jihadi group had, this month, circulated photographs of the Sheikh Abu Omar al Baghdadi camp and the Sheikh Abu Musab al Zarqawi camp. The two camps have been named after the former Isis leader and the founder of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Other camps, Shahid Hakeemullah Mehsud camp, and Ustad Yasir camp is also believed to be in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan army is struggling to contain the growing presence of the Wahhabi group; it's been losing upto 500 personnel every month, according to the Independent.

The Taliban, which had been operating in Afghanistan, is believed have broken into parts and one cell has joined Isis.

In a meeting where leaders of the Taliban assembled, a supposed shootout killed many leaders including the leader of Taliban Mullah Akhtar Mansour. The unit that had broken away from the Taliban and joined Isis could have been responsible for the attack.

Isis, which has taken over the eastern districts, has defeated the local Taliban and has begun recruiting new members.