In the latest episode of Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD", titled "Chaos Theory", Fitz offers to help Simmons, who is determined to reopen the portal and travel through it.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, SHIELD unearths a shocking truth about one of its biggest foes, and Fitz helps Simmons recover information that could lead them back through the portal.

Comicbook has reported that after Simmons got back from the strange planet, she is trying her best to reopen the portal and travel through it.

In the meantime, Agent Daisy and the team are determined to protect the Inhumans from the rogue assassin who is dead-set on killing every single Inhuman in the world.

In the previous episode titled "Among Us Hide...," Fitz agreed to help Simmons after he came to know about the NASA scientist Will, stranded on the strange planet. Though Simmons told Fitz he doesn't have to help her, he was adamant.

However, both Fitz and Simmons realised that the monolith was not feasible and thought of an alternate way to open the portal. Fitz said despite running a number of simulations, he failed to open it.

Meanwhile, May was horrified to find out that her ex-husband Andrew was actually Lash in disguise. However, she decided to not tell Coulson about it.

Elsewhere, SHIELD continued its hunt for other Inhumans as no one knew May's ex-husband is the killer.

At the end of the episode, Fitz was seen working hard on his computer where he was conducting an investigation regarding Will.

Whether Fitz will be able to find the man who rescued Simmons and succeed to save him will become clear only in the next episode.