life after death

The website of NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) is loaded with various testimonials from people who claimed to have experienced paranormal incidents during near-death experiences (NDE).

Out of the umpteen numbers of testimonials published there, one experience shared by a lady named Catherine seems unique as she claims to have seen God during NDE. She even adds that she knows what the omnipotent entity was wearing.

God's crown was made of lapis lazuli and pearls

In the testimonial shared, Catherine reveals that she had NDE on May 3, 2018. The near-death experience victim reveals that she saw her own spirit rising up from the body during those life-threatening moments.

"My spirit was the same form and shape as my body but it looked like smoke. I sensed that I was in another dimension and experienced peace that surpasses all earthly understanding. It is a peace that we don't have or understand here on earth. We call it peace because it is the only word we have to describe that deep sense of 'peace' that I felt. I saw a soft, bright light shining deep from my spirit. It was like a white light that was shining onto me from above," wrote Catherine on the NDERF website.

Catherine also shared her experience seeing God during the time of near-death experience. The NDE victim revealed that God stood by her on the right side, and he had the shape of a human being. She claimed that God was wearing a crown made of lapis lazuli and pearls. Catherine argued that after spending some time with God, he sent her back to the earth.

What exactly causes visual hallucinations during NDE?

Many people who experience visual hallucinations during near-death experiences strongly believe that life after death is a reality. Claims made by these people used to get strong support from spiritualists, and they argue that the concept of the afterlife was written in holy books like Bible.

However, medical experts consider near-death experience as a totally natural phenomenon, and it has nothing to do with otherworldly causes. As per medical experts, the human brain often fails to get sufficient amount of oxygen during life-threatening events, and during these times, it performs a survival trick, which often causes visual hallucinations.