After a splendid practise and qualifying session, Lewis Hamilton was the overall favourite to clinch the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday as he started the race in pole position.

Hamilton and his Mercedes team mate, Nico Rosberg started the race in first and second position, but with both the drivers having endured one of their worst races of the season, it was Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, who took advantage and won his first Hungarian Grand Prix. Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo finished second and third respectively.

It was a dramatic race right from the start where Hamilton ran outside the track in the first lap, which made life difficult for the champion driver as he finished sixth and Rosberg finished eighth after his tyre got punctured late in the race.

Leading upto the Hungarian Grand Prix, the week had been a difficult one for all the F1 drivers with the demise of Jules Bianchi and Vettel dedicated this Hungarian Grand Prix victory to the former Ferrari driver.

"Incredible day but this victory is for Jules. We know that it has been an incredibly tough week and it's, I think, for all of us very, very difficult, so this one is for him and especially all the people in Ferrari and all the Ferrari we knew that sooner or later he would have been part of our team, part of this family," said Vettel.

Vettel drove a brilliant race where the Ferrari driver showed tremendous speed with control to emerge triumphant, but he did receive some scary moments as the safety car was introduced late in the race.

Force India's Nico Hulkenberg front wing failure led him crashing to the barriers and the marshals were required to come and clean the track. It was after the incident the race became more interesting.

Vettel also thanked the entire team for the victory.

"Well, there was definitely, from our point, no need for that, but it (safety car) obviously made it a lot more interesting at the end. We had a great start and obviously it was crucial to get in the lead straight away. The car was difficult but great to drive and it has been a great race, we showed great pace. Thank you very, very much to the team for the recovery since Friday and today I think it just came together and despite the safety car we still managed to win, so this one is for the team as well," added Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel is the only non Mercedes driver to cross the chequered flag first this season as Rosberg or Hamilton have dominated the circuit until now. The Hungarian Grand Prix is Vettel's second victory of the season after winning the Malaysian Grand Prix earlier in the season.