Saturn laser beam
YouTube: Paula Gilley

Paula Gilley, an amateur astronomer has recently uploaded a video that shows mysterious beams of lasers coming out of Saturn's giant ring. The discovery was made in last September when Paula was gazing at the stars through her telescope.

Everything seemed normal for Gilley until her view reached Saturn. The amateur astronomer was literally shocked to see red lasers being shot out to the deep space from the planet's ring.

After capturing the eerie sighting, Paula Gilley soon uploaded the clip to her YouTube channel where it racked up more than 40,200 views. After watching the video, viewers also put forward various theories explaining the mysterious laser beam.

Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that Saturn might be home to advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. As per these alien buffs, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have that sophisticated technology to survive harsh conditions on Saturn, and also they argued that space agencies, including NASA are aware of their existence.

Some conspiracy theorists claimed that the beam featured in the video might not be coming from the Saturn, but it might be actually shot at the ringed planet. These theorists believe that Donald Trump's space force may be already operational in the space, and they might be conducting usual laser beaming drills which have now been mistaken as alien signals.

However, skeptics dismissed both the alien and space force angles, and they made it clear that the beams might have been generated in the video due to some rendering issues. Some other viewers criticized the uploader stating that this video looked very similar to a 1980s video game.

"Where was this video shot from? The Earth? The beams are going to or coming from an angle that is beyond Earth's direction. That's one. And two, compared to Saturn's size/ dimension, those beams must be solid miles wide !! No offense meant. But looks like a low-tech CGI 80s' video game," commented Abhishek Roy, a YouTube user.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Saturn is a real hot-bed of alleged alien activities. A few years ago, Dr. Norman Bergrun, a former NASA Engineer claimed that aliens are using the Saturn's ring as a hiding spot. Bergrun also added that the spaceships near Saturn are using this ring to extract energy from the planet. He also urged authorities to look deep into this issue before the number of spaceships becomes too big.

A few days ago, conspiracy theorists spotted a green UFO near Jupiter in an image shared by NASA. The image soon went viral on online space and many people started arguing that the glowing UFO is an irrefutable proof of alien existence.