Motorola Ad
After Samsung, Motorola ad takes dig at AppleFacebook

After Samsung, Motorola Mobility has now taken its rivalry against Apple to public. The Google-owned company has posted an advertisement which directly prods fun at the Apple Maps application.

Appearing on Motorola's Facebook and Google+ pages, the advertisement is captioned: "The real world that's fit for your hand," while giving a clear view of Google Maps and Apple Maps side by side. Right below Apple's iPhone is a hash tag which read "#iLost".

On the Facebook page of Motorola, the same advertisement was posted twice with two different captions. The first one posted on Saturday read as: "Google Maps on Droid RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn."

The second post uploaded the following day on Sunday said, "Google Maps reports live traffic in green, yellow, and red to be as helpful as possible so you don't feel #iLost planning your trip."

Motorola's latest move seems to be an act of revenge against the Cupertino firm for dropping Google Maps in a bid to boost its in-house mapping application.

Since its release in June, Apple Maps was found to have several flaws, often providing misleading information and geographical errors to users. Several users have touted the application as a failure, finding it to be quite slow and inaccurate.  

Though Apple has released a few advertisements, mostly aimed at sales, the company is quite slow in responding to rival advertisements. A week earlier, South-Korean firm Samsung launched an advertisement campaign against Apple and gave an indication that iPhone 5 is a step behind Galaxy S3 by giving a clear-cut comparison of the two flagship devices.