Bollywood is smitten by Gen Z Socialite Orhan Awatraman aka Orry, the young influencer who often grabs headlines for his appearance at Bollywood parties. He is best friends with most of the star kids especially Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor, and Suhana Khan, among others.

The entire nation wants to know what does Orry do for a living and the socialite in an interview said that he is living so he is liver. His 'I'm a liver' statement has cracked the internet up and since then meme fest began.

Salman khan

A new promo shows Orry inside the Bigg Boss house entertaining the inmates.

Host Salman Khan welcomed Orry, who was seen donning an 'I am a liver' T-shirt.

In the latest promo, Orry was seen entering the house and was seen introducing himself to the contestants by saying, "Namaste darshako. Mera naam Orry hai." The contestants gave him a grand welcome and Ankita Lokhande gave him a warm hug to Orry.

Salman Khan looks at Orry's T-shirt and reads, 'I am a liver'. To this, Orry confidently responds, "Yes, I am a liver. Bhai you act, you are an actor, Lata Mangeshkar sings, she is a singer. I live, I am a liver."

Orry has 5 managers and gets paid to click pictures in his signature pose by celebs

Orry says, "Bhai, pura duniya sirf yehi prashn ke piche kyu kr re hai? Sab log ko pta hai mai bahut kam (karta hu). Mai subah suraj ke saath uthta hai, raat chand ke saath sota hai. Mai bahut kaam karta hai. Mai apne aap pe kaam karta hai.  (Why is the world obsessing over this question? I do a lot of hard work. I wake up with the morning Sun and sleep with the evening moon. I work a lot. I work on myself.0"

Bursting into laughter, Salman Khan adds, "Pehla aadmi hai suraj ke saath uthhta hai aur chand ke saath sota hai. 9He's the first man who wakes up with the sun and sleeps with the moon.]"

Orry revealed that he has five managers, Salman said, "Beta kuch kar le life mein, iske paas 5 managers hai, kuch seekh inse yaar. What do they do?"

Orry said, "2 social media managers, 1 PR manager, 1 overall brand manager, 1 food manager. The food manager's job is to see what I eat. He will call the restaurants and say feed Orry only 5 edamame or remove all the sugar from the minibar."

Orry said, "I get paid to get pictures clicked at the events with the pose that I do and post them. I earn around Rs 20-30 Lakhs for these pictures in one night." Salman is baffled, "Kuch seekh Salman, duniya kahaan se kahaan chali gayi yaar.( Learn from OrryYou get paid for selfies, why am I not doing this? What is their profit in this?)"

Orry said, "After my touch, they feel that they are ageing in rewind. Even their health problems can get solved."

Is Orry single?

Salman Khan asked, "Orry are you single?" Orry said, "I am a very nice boy and I am single. I will straight away marry and nothing in between."

Salman asked, "What type of a girl you would like?" He replied, "I want a rich wife so that I don't need to touch these people. I can steal her heart and her bank balance too."

A few years ago, Kiara Advani revealed in an interview that Orry's older brother was her classmate and Orry was her junior in school.

After Navid Sole's mid-week elimination earlier this week, five Bigg Boss 17 contestants got nominated for eviction in Week 6 - Anurag Dobhal, Ankita Lokhande, Sana Raees Khan, Sunny Aryaa aka Tehelka. While Jigna Vora bid adieu to the reality show.