Actor Manish Chaudhari, who is best known for his roles in Rocket Singh, is currently seen in Aarya for playing a pivotal role of Shikhawat. He has done notable work in films like URI, Satyamev Jayate, Batla House, Bypass Road, Bazaar, Mohenjo Daro, Raaz 3 and Jannat 2.

His villainous streak in the role of Shikhawat is getting all praises. On sharing about his preparation for the role, Manish told the media, "I wanted to bring in the ruthlessness of real life mafia dons. But also keep a sense of being nonchalant in that ruthlessness. We also spent a lot of time on the styling of the character. His clothes, his facial look and his mannerisms and habits, for instance Shekhawat loves to smoke cigars."

Manish Chaudhari, Aarya
Manish Chaudhari in AaryaInstagram

On talking about his rapport with Sushmita Sen, Manish said, "Sushmita and I had some difficult scenes to do together which involved a level of physical violence. To make these scenes as natural as possible, Sushmita and I had to have all our guards down and just go for it! She was a very willing and energetic 'partner in crime'. I really enjoyed working with her."

On getting praises for his role in Aarya, "I have been acting in television and film since 1996 when Sudhir Mishra gave me my first break. It took me another 14 years to get truly recognised for my role of Sunil Puri in Rocket Singh-Salesman of the year. Since then I have had the pleasure of doing a varied number of characters both on cinema and television. It makes me feel ecstatic that my journey of reinvention as an actor is being recognised and celebrated in the web series Aarya."

On praising director Ram Madhvani, "Ram Madhvani's process as a director is very immersive and organic. For me it has been a great delight as this process brings a sense of immediacy to the scene as if it is all happening in reality right at this very moment! This sense of reality and immediacy carries forward to the audience. He asked me to delve into the ruthlessness of Shekhawat with a sense nonchalance but also to 'GO FOR IT'. As an actor I am always looking to work with directors who are passionate about their process, craft and storytelling. I have been looking forward to work with Ram since the time he made LET'S TALK almost 20 years ago and I loved what he did in Neerja. And when Aarya finally worked out I was ecstatic and have savoured every moment of his inimitable process."