There are many Narendra Modi fans, not only in India but around the world, but this Bharatiya Janata Party MLA surpasses all and has grand plans. The BJP MLA from Uttarakhand is all praise for the Prime Minister. Days after a party worker came up with 'Modi aarti', MLA Ganesh Joshi opened up his plans on building a temple with Modi's idol.

Joshi stated that every single day he worships Modi and is of firm belief that the India's Prime Minister is blessed with some divine power as he works for 18 hours a day. He said Modi is the God to him. Before unveiling his plans of building a temple, Joshi, who is a ruling party legislator from Mussoorie constituency, launched 'Modi aarti' at a function organised by him to felicitate COVID-19 warriors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra ModiIANS

The aarti has been penned down by Dr Renu Pant, another Modi supporter.

The move has been slammed by the opposition party and Congress has stated that it is a prime example of 'sycophancy'. Joshi, however, was firm on his stance and announced that he will soon build a temple dedicated to PM Modi.

Joshi said, "I have immense respect for PM Modi who is not just our nation's leader but a world leader also. Even US President Donald Trump is in awe of him. I have done nothing wrong in launching his aarti and will soon build a temple with his idol in it after the lockdown."

The BJP MLA added that he has kept Modi's photo in his temple and office ever since he was the party's general secretary in the 1990s and he is keen to build a temple someday dedicated to Modi.

Adding that if people can build temples for superstar Rajinikanth and Sonia Gandhi, why can't he build a temple of Modi.

Joshi said that the work to erect a statue of PM Modi will begin once the Coronavirus crisis ends.

Congress stated that Joshi's comments have insulted the religious sentiments of many and party's state vice-president Suryakant Dhasmana asserted that BJP is full of 'sycophants and andh-bhakts'.