Pauline  Ferrand Prevot
Pauline, who looks like Kate Middleton, has taken the internet by storm. Pictured: Pauline Ferrand Prevot (FRA) of France before the start of the race.REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

International celebrity Priyanka Chopra's doppelganger had taken the internet by storm just a few weeks back, and now the look-alike of the Duchess of Cambridge has become an internet sensation. Interestingly, the look-alike of Kate Middleton is none other than Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, the Olympic cyclist from France.

Ferrand-Prevot is the first-ever cyclist to hold the world road title, but this time, she is hogging the limelight for a different reason. Ferrand-Prevot, who finished 26th in the women's road race final at the Rio Olympics 2016, resembles Middleton. The uncanny similarity between Middleton and Ferrand-Prevot has made the latter an internet sensation.

Ferrand-Prevot's eyes, eyebrows, wide smile, dimples and high cheekbones are remarkably similar to that of Middleton, but the cyclist's hair is blonde, while Middleton is a brunette. Also, Middleton, who is known for her style and fashion, is mostly seen in hi-street dresses and couture, while Ferrand-Prevot is mostly seen in athletic wear.

However, Ferrand-Prevot is not the only Olympic athlete who looks like a famous figure. Another celebrity lookalike is 27-year-old archer Brady Ellison, who looks exactly like Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Social media went berserk after Ellison made an appearance at the Olympics. Some tweeted saying that the Oscar-winning actor has taken the time to take part in archery, while some have commented saying Ellison is DiCaprio's alter ego. However, a few took to social media to say that Ellison does not resemble DiCaprio.

Check out the tweets below:

Craig Van Devender ‏@wsucraig: @SievertMike @Brady_Ellison @LeoDiCaprio maybe if Leo was on a hunting trip and gained a few pounds

Grenville Ham BEM ‏@GrenvilleHam: Glad everyone thought @Brady_Ellison looked like Leo rather than me. Can't see it myself...

ethan glazar ‏@ethanglazedonut: Bruh if Brady Ellison is Leo's twin then I almost ran over a celebrity's twin at a tournament lol whoops sorry

Jake Wilson ‏@JakeWilsonn: Brady Ellison from USA's archery team is definitely Leo

Check out the photos of Ferrand-Prevot and Middleton below: