YouTube: Mavi777

Just a few days after three pilots reported seeing UFO in the Irish skies, an airplane passenger has now apparently spotted a strange flying object over San Francisco. The clip of the bizarre sighting was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user named Joel Cardoso, and the footage gained popularity after it was shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavi777'.

The video shows a bright glowing orb floating in the skies, and interestingly, it remained static throughout the clip's running time. The witness who shot the video claims that the clip of the bright UFO was shot during the journey from Miami to California.

After watching the video, conspiracy theorists have started outlandishly claiming that these UFO sightings are concrete evidence of alien existence. As per these theorists, aliens have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and governments all across the world are well aware of their existence.

However, experts claim that the object spotted in the video could be either a ball lightning or reflection from the airplane window.

Alien enthusiasts were pulled to a state of ecstasy a few days back, when three pilots reported UFO sightings while in contact with the Shannon Air Traffic Control. The female British pilot who initially reported this event revealed that the speeding UFO came up along the left side of the aircraft before it rapidly moved to the North.

Another pilot who witnessed the strange sighting argued that the UFO was speeding at twice the speed of sound. As the pilot made this revelation, conspiracy theorists claimed that no earthly space crafts could travel in such an amazing speed. 

Even though adamant conspiracy theorists consider the UFO spotted in Irish skies an irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial existence, space experts revealed that the high-speeding object could be an asteroid or meteor.