The coronavirus pandemic only seems to be growing more grave, with a high climb in cases that don't seem to be reduced despite the government measures and lockdown imposed. The country is reeling under the impact of the global crisis economically, politically, and socially.

Satyajeet Dubey shared his own experience of his mother who has now been diagnosed with the contagious Coronavirus. The actor shared a touching post on the whole ordeal and how it is for him right now in isolation. 

Satyajeet Dubey

Satyajeet Dubey opens up about his mother's battle with Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has left nobody untouched. As Maharashtra reports the highest number of cases in the country at the moment, the situation is even dicier in the state as cases surge past 30,000. 

Prassthanam actor Satyajeet Dubey who has acted alongside Sanjay Dutt and Ali Fazal shared his mother's experience contracting the deadly COVID-19. It was around 10 days ago when his mother suffered a migraine attack along with high fever and vomiting. The actor recounted the ordeal on Instagram in a post.

His mother has now been admitted to Nanavati hospital in Mumbai, as he and his sister are asymptomatic they are in isolation at home. The actor shared that the BMC and the hospital have been extremely kind and empathetic during this difficult time. 

The Bollywood actor also shared an update on Instagram where he answered some questions who was being asked frequently such as her symptoms which didn't include breathlessness and constant high fever in her case, she hadn't stepped out and they'd been practising all the guidelines. He also shared a few ways to boost one's immunity and that his mother was doing fine and sounded cheerful.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, the actor revealed that they can't pinpoint the source, he or his sister or somebody around them could have been the carrier. Since he and his sister aren't showing symptoms they haven't been able to get tested for the virus.

Dubey also pointed to his privilege in being able to get his mother a hospital bed, "As a son, I wanted to give her the best in terms of comfort. But, if you go through the normal channel, it's next to impossible to find a bed in hospitals right now. Thank God for the kind of work I do, and the people I work with..." 

The actor was in touch with Sanjay Dutt who he calls 'Baba' and that he was very comforting the entire time. Last seen in Prassthanam the actor made his debut with Zoa Morani who recently fought Coronavirus herself.