Exactly a week after, Shaza Morani who was admitted for being tested positive of novel COVID-19 back home now! This piece of news is a sigh of relief for the Morani family! As she back home is just six days, doctors have advised her to be and under home quarantine for the next 14 days.

Shaza and Zoa Morani

After returning home Shaza penned down a beautiful heartfelt letter thanking her parents, sister and her beau.

Shaza's letter read as:

So happy to be home. I wrote a letter to @theitihaascompany while I was hospitalised. It's long so please bear with me It felt so good. Can't wait to read the book with everyone's experiences. To the human side of humans, Thank you. I get so greatly affected by the erroneous ways of our human race. But ever so often I come across people who restore my faith.

It's 3 am on Day 20 of me putting myself in quarantine (day 4 of complete isolation in Nanavati hospital). My lights are off and I'm all tucked in but I can't sleep. Weirdly it's not of stress or depression. I have a smile on my face and felt inspired to write this..."

 Thanking her boyfriend, she wrote:

How just seeing his picture would uplift her mood.

Thanking the medical staff

She also expressed her gratitude to the doctors, nurses and the workers at the hospital. She concluded the letter by saying that she hopes that the future generation breathes clean air, having access to clean water, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

After reading this beautiful lines and words of appreciation her sister Zoa was overwhelmed by the post, and she commented on it with crying emojis and wrote, "Tooooo niceeee."

When International Business Times, contacted Shaza's sister Zoa to take an update about her health, she confirmed saying that her sister Shaza is home and spoke in length on her road to recovery and her sister's health.

 On how soon will she be out!

 I will be out of here soon; I am feeling much better. My sister is out and resting at home.

Shaza and Zoa Morani

 On lockdown extension

It's for everyone's good that the lockdown has extended.

For the ones who aren't aware, Zoa went live with Varun Dhawan and spoke about how she is battling COVID-19, she advised her fans and to not be scared. Lastly, she mentioned how she spent initial days warning with her sister Shaza who is home and had no symptoms of COVID- 19 at all,

Check out the video.

For the ones who came in late, Producer Karim Morani and his two daughters Zoa Morani and Shaza had been tested positive for Coronavirus. All three of them were hospitalized and were admitted in isolation units.

And now as Shaza is out, Zoa and Karim are expected t be out in the coming week.