Pooja Devariya
Pooja Devariya.Pooja Devariya Twitter Account

Cell phones and social media accounts of celebrities often become easy targets for the hackers. From international to local, many well-known faces have become the victims of online fraudsters. Now, Pooja Devariya is the latest celebrity whose phone has been hacked.

Pooja Devariya has shared her plight on Twitter and stated that her phone has been hacked. She sent a warning message asking to those, who have her number, not to respond to the messages that they receive from her WhatsApp as it might crash the app. 

"If you have my phone number, please block it. My number was hacked at 10am this morning. Some cheapo is using my Whatsapp to message my family and friends from the film fraternity. Please do not reply to the message, it wipes out your Whatsapp. BLOCK MY NUMBER. [sic]" she posted.

Luckily, the hackers have not leaked anything which could land her in unnecessary trouble. Usually, the private photos or videos would be leaked whenever their phones are hacked.

In the recent history, Akshara Haasan and Hansika Motwani's private pictures were leaked online after their phones were hacked. Also, Megha Akash lost the control over her Instagram account as the hacker changed the details and display picture of her account.

Bengaluru-based Pooja Devariya started her career in Dhanush-starrer Mayakkam Enna. She has worked in the movies like Iraivi, Aandavan Kattalai, Andhra Mess, etc.