One of the most popular sides in sport, the Indian cricket team, is a crowd favourite and there is a good reason why Indian games in the ongoing World Cup are all houseful affairs. However, this also means that the security around the side has to be top notch as the authorities cannot afford any lapse, especially during a marquee event.

However, as per a report in IANS, there have been quite a few instances when over-excited fans have breached the security cordon in an effort to click a selfie or to get an autograph from the players. Also, owing to the protocols put in place by the ICC, the Indian management has had its task cut out.

Virat Kohli
Virat KohliBCCI Twitter

Security of the team has to be taken into consideration

"As per the ICC regulations, security is needed to be invisible. But the exuberance surrounding the tournament is such that actual physical presence of security is the need of the hour considering the number of fans who are seen in and around the hotels where the Indian team stays," a source was as quoted by IANS.

The apprehensions which are in place make sense, especially after the recent episode when the privacy if the Indian team was compromised in their hotel at Birmingham. Excited fans started clicking photos of the players and intruded their privacy without prior permission.

"We do realise that when we do well, people start recognising us and after a point, they wish to click pictures with us or take an autograph. While nobody is questioning their intention, but we are also human and need our space. Even when we as kids would go for an autograph and if we were turned down we felt bad, but then, there are times when you are not in the mood to get clicked and that is when the fans get hurt and start being judgmental," a player said.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh PantTwitter/Cricket World Cup

The player also said that the fans feel as if the players have attitude issues, but then they are not willing to understand that even the players need to be given some personal time. Also, the players do not like it when the fans get restless when asked to wait for a picture or an autograph.

Also, the ICC will now be wary, especially after the recent episode between Pakistan and Afghanistan fans at Headingley. Clashes became ugly following which fans had to be ousted from the stadium. The ICC will now have to be on their toes in the upcoming matches as they might have to be watchful for unruly elements in and around the matches.