VJ Ramya Subramanian, who had showcased how to dance for Vijay's Vaathi Coming from Master with broom stick, has now come up with a new video. In the clip, she has taken a challenge as she performs a step from a recently-released movie Dharala Prabhu.

Ramya Subramanian
Ramya Subramanian.PR Handout

Thumbs Up for Dharala Prabhu
Well, Ramya Subramanian has given a thumbs-up for Tamil movie Dharala Prabhu, which was out on Amazon Prime recently. In a video message, she said, "Ä few days ago, I watched Dharala Prabhu. I liked it very much. I called Harish Kalyan to appreciate his work and also mentioned about his one of the step in the title song,"

"He asked me 'Ramya, why don't you try. It helps when you do exercise for stability.' So, I am modifying his request to a challenge. I am trying to recreate the step in 49 seconds and nominating my three friends," she said in the message.

Further, she wrote, "#DharalaPrabhuOnPrime was a laugh riot, and this particular song really stayed with me. So, I did a challenge . And I think this #49SecondsChallenge is WAY tougher than it looks! Can you do it? .

I nominate @kinstav @deepakchan & @sandhyasriraam to take this challenge. [sic]"

Reacting to her challenge, Harish Kalyan posted, "irappu naa kooda ivlo neram nikkala . [sic]"

A few weeks ago, the popular Vijay TV anchor's dancing video to 'Vaathi Coming' number from Vijay's Master and it had gone viral. She shared the video and captioned, "Lately I have started retrospecting this #QuarantineLife and focusing on consciously making it my time to accept the reality and stop complaining ,heal,be grateful for being in a better place and find happiness in the little things ❤️.

For that full smile on my Amma's face when she recorded this for me , I can do this any number of times !

(P.S - In the process I also got my cardio done for the day ) .

#QuarantineLifeIsLit #SweepingForTheFirstTime

#MasterSongForMasterRoom #VaathiComingOthu #MondayStartsWithADance. [sic]"