Just a week after the brutal Dadri lynching in Uttar Pradesh over beef rumours, a mob of more than 100 people reportedly set a van on fire in Maharashtra on Sunday as it was carrying beef. 

Maharashtra imposed a beef ban earlier this year, making the sale and consumption of beef a crime. 

The incident took place in Maharashtra's Savkheda village in Aurangabad on Sunday night, when a mob confronted the driver of the vehicle and demanded to check the meat it was carrying. 

"They stopped the van and checked it and it appeared to them that the meat was beef and they set it on fire," Navinchandra Reddy, Superintendent of Police, told NDTV.

The police said that preliminary investigation revealed that there was about 100 kg of beef in the vehicle. 

The driver was unhurt in the incident, but the van was damaged after it was set ablaze. 

The police have registered a case against the driver for carrying beef, while unknown persons have been booked for the vandalism. 

The incident comes in the light of the gruesome Dadri lynching, in which 50-year-old Mohammed Akhlaq, a resident of Bishada village in Uttar Pradesh, was dragged out of his house last week by a mob of over 100 people, after it was announced at a temple that he had slaughtered a cow and stored the beef in his house. 

The mob beat Akhlaq to death with bricks.