Following its decision to ban online classes till class 5, the Karnataka government has released its latest update extending the ban on online classes to 7th standard. Earlier, the state education minister Suresh Kumar has announced his decision in a press conference on Wednesday, banning all live virtual classes for students of primary classes.

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Reopening of schools remain undecided 

As schools and other educational institutions were not permitted to reopen their classes under the current coronavirus pandemic scenario, the government had asked them to switch to the online platforms.

Most of the schools in the state had started to conduct online classes for primary students too. This, according to health studies and reports, affected the child's mental well-being.

The World Health Organisation has recently recommended that kids under 6 years of age should not spend more than one hour of screen time. The state government's decision came immediately after this remark.

Experts from NIMHANS had also warned against holding virtual classes for students up to Class 3.

Meanwhile, some schools that are conducting online classes for secondary classes from 4 to 7 can continue.

Fees should not be collected 

"The screen time for certain classes and what will be appropriate will be discussed later. For now, we have made this decision for LKG, UKG, and primary classes, considering their age and mental well-being," the minister told the media.


In addition to this, the minister also stated that fees for online classes for primary students should be halted with immediate effect.

With the national lockdown and the continuing menace of the coronavirus pandemic, academics of 2020 has faced a major blow out of the blue.

According to the reports, Karnataka has been discussing reopening the academic institutions by the beginning of August, although no decision has been made yet.