Belgium anti-terror raids
Belgium anti-terror raidsscreenshot/video

German police have raided suspected terrorist hideouts in Berlin and arrested at least one person a day after Belgian police killed two terror suspects in a raid on a group that was allegedly plotting terror attacks.

More than 200 German police officers raided suspected Islamist cells in and around Berlin on Friday, according to AFP.

The police arrested a 41-year-old man of Turkish origin who is suspected of "leading an Islamist extremist group made up of Turkish and Russian nationals from Chechnya and Dagestan," the police said.

However, they added that "there is no indication that the group was preparing attacks inside Germany."

Following the terror attacks in France last week, several nations in Europe are fearing similar strikes.

Belgium is on high alert after Thursday's anti-terror raid in Verviers, near the German border. Authorities said the suspected terror group, which had returned from Syria were planning terror attacks in the country.

Germany is currently in the throes of an anti-Islam movement, with several massive protests conducted over the last few weeks. 

Germany has also cracked down on ISIS supporters, and is said to be prosecuting at least 300 people, who allegedly supported the Islamic State through funds or supply of equipments.