Kill the Rapist
Inspired by BBC's documentary on Nirbhaya, makers of 'Kill the Rapist?' to release the film online.YouTube Screenshot

After BBC's controversial documentary on Nirbhaya, makers of Hindi movie "Kill the Rapist?" are planning to release their film on YouTube.

"Kill the Rapist?" is a drama thriller written and directed by Sanjay Chhel. The drama thriller deals with the issue of rape in India. The trailer was released on 16 December, 2013, a year after the brutal Delhi gang-rape that shocked the country.

The makers of the film are awaiting approval from censor board to release the film in India. However, producer Siddhartha M Jain has now decided to upload the film on video sharing site YouTube in mid-April.

"I had been thinking about putting the film online for the past two months, and when I woke up this morning and saw that India's Daughter had gone viral, I took my decision," Jain told

The makers wanted to release the film around the second anniversary of the gang-rape, but Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) denied the certificate.

"The censors were against the idea of a woman defending herself," he said. "They wanted the man's attack on the woman to be less real, sweeter. I argued that if he is shown only slapping her and she takes a knife to him, you will think she is loony."

Jain said that he has a screening certificate and will have a theatrical release of his film in India, but to make it reach wider audience he will take the online route.

BBC's documentary on Nirbhaya titled "India's Daughter" was banned in India, but the makers released it on YouTube. The documentary, in which the accused blamed the victim, went viral on various social media platforms.

Watch the trailer of "Kill The Rapist?" below: